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2022 Football degenerates

The BallsHead Project is made off 2022 unique NFT characters we call 'Balls' created by Colombian artist and soccer enthusiast 'DAS' .

Each Balls is a unique one of kind character that most represent the teams playing in the 2022 Qatar championship and is the key to enter our giveaways and games. Some are lucky loosers from qualifiers that lost but still have their Ballshead jersey in the mint. Like Colombia and Peru that lost and did not qualify to be in Qatar.

There will be members-only benefits available to BallsHead holders, including airdrops, merchandise and claims, along with many degen type surprises. All driven by the championship in 2022 from the first round to the final...

Attribute Images

Dynamic Value Strategy

We see the artist's passion in each one of the Balls Genesis Bench Warmers Edition. Their unique character and expression represent the passion and excitement for the game of soccer. For fans and players alike, come join the party on the pitch. The art will do all the kicking and the value will come from the winners not a percentage. Nevertheless an NFT needs utility, one that is simple and easy to understand.

That is why all Balls will have 3 attributes and the value will driven by an event, that changes on a regular basis. A Balls that seem to have low demand today might have a higher value tomorrow.

Our first event is called GOL 3.0 and will use the jersey's attributes. It has a very simple concept, if the project has a saleout during our mint, 50% will be sent to all the holders that have Balls with the jersey of the Qatar World Cup Champions in 2022.


1. Game Starts

On November 20th, 2022 the minting of the BallsHead project starts!

There will be 2022 balls from various countries available for mint and ready to score big.


2. The Reveal!

On November 27th, 2022 Balls will reveal!

The day is one week after the 2022 World Cup starts.


3. Winners

The winners of the first GOL 3.0 event are the owners of a Balls that wear the jersey of the winning team of the 2022 World Cup.

Each will get an even share of the 50% in the liquidity pool from the minting.


4. Merch

Member-Exclusive BallsHead Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies.


5. Next Match

After the first GOL 3.0 event we will be planning future Events. We will be preparing for our next Giveway.

So keep your BallsHead as it can be a winner in our next GOL event!

We plan to have Meetups in Miami after the first event so stay tuned.


The Team

Here is the team that is managing this project with the artist.
Yap. Don't worry, we also have other team members taking care of
our social media, discord, marketing and more.

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Technical Lead

team Image
Mr Tiger

VC Investor

team Image

Marketing Guru

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BlockChain Developer


A handcrafted collection containing 2022 characters made by the artist Diego Armando Sarmiento.

Each unique character will change in value depending on the jersey that they wear and the live performance of the World Cup in Qatar and other upcoming events.
Whitelist Mint - 0.05 ETH
Public Mint - 0.07 ETH
Max 2 Mint Per Wallet

Whitelist Mint Starts:
November 18th 6pm EST
The WorldCup tournament kicks off on Sunday November 20
So our Official Mint Starts:
November 20th 1pm EST - Until Sale Completes
All of our latest updates will be made through our official Discord, Twitter & Instagram.

Beware of Scammers!
We will never try to contact you privately for a giveaway.

And PLEASE double check the web address is: ballshead.com before signing in with your wallet on mint day!
When mint is open by clicking MINT HERE at the top of the page you will be able to purchase it before it releases on Opensea.

When minting is sold out you can purchase it through the open market in Opensea
Owners of a Ballshead with a winning jersey of the Qatar World Cup 2022 Champions will get an even share of 50% of the liquidity from the minting!
We will be hosting art competitions on our Discord server.
Twitter post & retweet giveaways.

And also invite highly enthusiastic people that have been active in helping the community out with a whitelist spot.
After the World Cup the winners of GOL 3.0 will get their liquidity. We will be planning on hosting more events that can increase the value of a Balls with other jerseys.
Our goal is to keep it really simple.

There will be no staking and no token involved.
Instead we will focus on creating events where anyone could be a winner and have a chance to win big.
Artist Image

ArtistDiego Armando Sarmiento (#DAS)

Not kidding that is his real name given by his parents, Diego was born in Bogota, Colombia. He grew up with a love for soccer was nutured at a young age. Now a cartoonist, tattoo artist and graphic designer. Passionate about art and soccer he can be found playing on the streets of Bogota during the weekends or supporting his favorite teams.

DAS is also a co-founder of Massacre In Colors, a company dedicated to the creation of dioramas and scenes for collectible figures.

Entering The BallsHead means joining a family of soccer fans who believe in the future of Cryptocurrences and the Blockchain technology to support Fans and Artists for Soccer...

More About The Artist